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IRIS No. Z589760000 / Federal No. 0A41034


Welcome to the website for the Parks Highway Bridge Replacement: Montana, Sheep and Goose Creeks project.

Project Description

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities’ (DOT&PF) Parks Highway Bridge Replacement project will reconstruct bridges at Montana Creek (Bridge 215) and Sheep Creek (Bridge 213) because they have structural deficiencies and do not meet current standards. The bridges are on the Parks Highway between MP 87 and 97 wholly within the Matanuska-Susitna Borough (MSB). If no improvements were made to the highway’s bridge crossings of Sheep and Montana creeks, weight restrictions may need to be established at these bridges in the future.  Such restrictions would become problematic for heavy hauling commercial transporters and suppress retail, commercial, and industrial commerce within the State. DOT&PF has determined that full replacement of the bridges is needed to maintain safety and continued use of the highway.

In addition, the DOT&PF will be replacing a series of culverts at Goose Creek with a bridge structure that meets current structural and high-water flow requirements. The culverts are beyond their design life and need replacement. The stream crossing is at located on the Parks Highway at Milepost 93.5. 

The Sheep Creek bridge is located at approximately MP 88 of the Parks Highway.

The Montana Creek bridge is located at approximately MP 96 of the Parks Highway.

The Goose Creek culverts are located at approximately MP 93.5 of the Parks Highway.

The proposed work includes the following:

  • Earthwork
  • Utility relocations
  • Temporary traffic control measures and maintenance of traffic
  • Coordination with adjacent property owners and businesses
  • Coordination with other contractors on concurrent Parks Highway projects
  • Demolition of existing bridges and construction of new bridges
  • Construction of temporary bridges to maintain traffic during construction if needed to accommodate new construction
  • Road improvements to meet newly constructed bridges
  • Maintained pedestrian access to and along each of the creeks

This project complements a series of other recent and programmed upgrades within the Parks Highway corridor, including the Parks Highway MP 90-99 resurfacing and shoulder widening; Parks Highway MP 99-146 resurfacing; Parks Highway Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation (3R) MP 80-92; HSIP Parks Highway Grade Separations at Montana Creek (MP 92) and Sunshine (MP 100); and HSIP Parks Highway Systemic Passing Lanes projects.

The DOT&PF is revisiting the design and bridge replacement approach. Construction will depend on availability of funding, currently not anticipated until after 2019.